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New Arundel Cycling and Walking forum

Can we improve routes for walking and cycling in Arundel

The Arundel Cycling and Walking Group has been formed by Arundel Town Council in response to the Love Arundel sessions which generated huge interest.

The core objective is to identify and create key routes for safely crossing town by foot and bike, and to better connect Arundel with surrounding towns. The priority is safe passage to Ford station, especially for our school children.

We also want to improve leisure routes in the area.

The timing is right. Many people are interested in being more active, and the government is making money available to towns that have agreed plans and priorities.

In the past Arundel has missed out on such opportunities because we are small, and have not been aligned or proactive.

We need to create a forum of local people who walk and cycle to share their ideas and knowledge to identify the best network of routes to campaign for.

If you are interested in joining the forum please email For more information find us under Town Projects at