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When: Saturday 9th March, 2:30pm – 3pm

Meeting Point: The Cobbles, Tarrant Street, Arundel (by The Florist)

Whether you’re drawn to the charm of Sherlock Holmes deerstalker, Mary Poppins straw boater or Captain Hook’s Pirate hat, or have a sunhat, beanie, or fancy creation you’re eager to flaunt, this event is for you.

Simply don your favourite hat and join us for some delightful hat-wearing fun. All ages are invited to this free event, but children must be accompanied by a parent or carer.

Arundel hat parade is being held to coincide with Arundel’s Literacy festival fun as part of Brain Tumour Awareness Month to raise awareness and much needed funds to find a cure for brain tumours.

Wearing a hat reminds us of those who have been affected by this devastating disease.