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Corpus Christi

"A wonderful visit to view the carpet of flowers which is created each year for Corpus Christi."


For more than 140 years, Arundel Cathedral has celebrated the Christian feast day of Corpus Christi with a festival of flowers. Now famous for its carpet of flowers down the aisle, which is free to visit, Corpus Christi is a special time to visit Arundel. Find out more below.

For over 140 years, Arundel Cathedral has celebrated the feast of Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi

'It was great to sense a real buzz about the town regarding the flower festival. The cathedral is an amazing building which dominates the skyline '


The striking outline of Arundel Cathedral dominates the Arundel skyline and every year the carpet of flowers draws visitors from around the world to enjoy Corpus Christi.

You can visit this floral carpet, which follows a different theme every year, on the day a team of volunteers lay it. Yes, this masterpiece is created in just one day! Or you can enjoy the flowers in their finished glory for two days afterwards.

During the Corpus Christi festival of flowers, Arundel is alive with visitors and there is often the chance to hear the Cathedral’s rousing organ being played. A procession of the Blessed Sacrament, from the Cathedral to the courtyard of Arundel Castle, ends with a Benediction. 

There are stewards on hand to answer your questions about the feast of Corpus Christi and the history of Arundel Cathedral.

This being Arundel, there are also scrumptious cakes and refreshments for sale at the Cathedral Centre, a short walk from the Cathedral itself.

Or you can recharge with a drink or food in one of Arundel’s many places to eat and drink.