Arundel Tours and Books in co-operation with The Arundel Bee Project and the help of staff at both our primary schools, would like every child to help with the project to create a bee-friendly town. Various projects across the town will create stunning displays while creating habitats and food for a wide range of bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Each student will choose where they sow, the back garden, the river side, at their nan’s, their mum’s allotment, anywhere within the borough of Arundel.

We are looking for any possible sponsors and prizes for this project.

Time Line: approx., 3g of seeds, enough for 2sq feet, will be distributed to all students on the last Friday of March. Sowing will take place on the following Saturday or Sunday. A photo of the sown area at the time of sowing, the last weekend in July and one taken the same weekend the following year along with the area the sowing took place, will be kept as a record. We will look towards giving prizes for various categories.