Wildlife Orphans Get Second Chance

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital based in Sidlesham remains open to take in wildlife casualties across West Sussex and East Hampshire as the UK continues under restricted conditions. It is only the start of our busiest season and the first batch of seasonal sick, injured or orphaned wildlife casualties are keeping the animal care staff busy. With many baby birds starting to fledge the nest we are seeing an alarming number of fledged baby birds being injured by cats. We urge people to please ensure that cats and dogs are kept under close control.

We expect to take in hundreds more young and orphaned wildlife casualties over the next few weeks, each needing around the clock care. When fit enough they will be released back into the wild. Volunteers are normally essential to the day to day running of the charity but due to the restrictions we are without volunteer support. Out of hours staff are now on hand to answer the phone 24 hours a day or to take in wildlife casualties. If you do find a wildlife casualty please do call us 01243 641672 ext 1, we are more than happy to help.

The temporary closure of our charity shops has seen a dramatic drop in direct income and with our main income source cut off we doing our best to keep the charity functioning the best we can on the limited funds we generate.  

Please visit www.brentlodge.org

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital, Cow Lane, Sidlesham, PO20 7LN

by Claire Gray, Brooklands Barn