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Banking And Post Services

Whilst there are no longer any banks in Arundel there are a number of banking and post offices services still available

Co-op shop in arundel
Mccolls newsagency Arundel
Arundel post office
Natwest Van

Cash points

There are 3 ATM cash points in Arundel

The Arundel Museum
Mill Road
BN18 9PA

The Co-Op
15-17 Queen Street
BN18 9JG

5-7 High Street
BN18 9AD

Larkins has a cash back service


35 Tarrant Street
BN18 9DG

Banking and Post Office services

There are no longer any bank branches in Arundel.

Natwest has a mobile branch which parks in the High Street cobbles area on a Thursday afternoon

The Post Offices offer a number of banking services as well as their standard services

2 High Street, Arundel, West Sussex
BN18 9AA

See the Post Office website for more information

2 Hill Terrace, Jarvis Road, Tortington, Arundel, West Sussex
BN18 9LA

See the Post Office website for more information


McColl’s offer a number of cash and banking type services including

  • a free to use ATM cashpoint
  • E-top up for PAYG mobile phones
  • Paypoint bill payment and money transfer