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Arundel Wildflower Project 2021

Dear Arundel,

Today we delivered the last 150 Wildflower packs to 2 more Primary Schools, Bury and Barnham, also the Scouts, Guides and younger packs. In total, with Arundel’s 2 Primary Schools, there will be just over 500 packs of seeds to be sown over the next week. Each pack includes, the seed, what seed is included, a timetable, including a photo competition of their results to win family prizes, and a couple of pages on pollinators and their work and why they are important to us.

Places like the Priory Road Pocket Park have asked to have some distributed to them, so we directed the Scouts and Guides there, not as a group, as they can’t, but individually, responsibly. I do believe areas have been cleared ready for the seed.

This project, The Wildflower Project 2021, is something we wanted to do under the umbrella of, supporting and wanting to help promote, Nick Fields, Arundel The Bee Project, a brilliant worthy way to encourage pollinators.

We have been watching this project grow and develop and responses coming in, exciting, encouraging and now we step aside and let the 500 children do their part.

Thanks to Nick Field for his continued support and guidance and to WSCC Highways for some extra seed we needed as requests almost got out of hand, to the head teachers and staff, and leaders of our youth groups.

Many Thanks,

Martin and Karen

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